The first long hiatus

Hey folks! I hope you're all doing great. It's been a while, I know. ⏳ You will not read any excuses here. I just want to tell you that I am back. I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to read my posts. That is much appreciated. 😃🙏 The person responsible for … Continue reading The first long hiatus


About friendships…

Kristine and I arrived in Manila on January 10th. The following Monday we went to the Brazilian Embassy to register our marriage certificate. Once there, we were instructed to look for an attorney. You know, good old bureaucracy. It's interesting how friendships can flourish at places you'd least expect. At the attorney's office, we met … Continue reading About friendships…

Shopping and discoveries

Hello everyone! I'm back. Today I'm going to talk about my discoveries during the many times I had to go shopping in Mindanao. Comparisons with my reality in Brazil are unavoidable. By observing my own reactions and those of my wife Kristine, I came to the conclusion that every single amazing and/or singular discovery for … Continue reading Shopping and discoveries

A new life begins…

I'll have to press the fast-forward button to tell you a more recent story. You probably remember the reason I am having my second vacation (in a row) in the Philippines. On January 3rd, Kristine and I got married. 🙏 I have to tell you... Long distance relationships are not for everyone. There must be … Continue reading A new life begins…

Finally in Davao

The plane landed in Davao at about 6:05a.m. I dozed off for about an hour back in Manila. The weather was nice here in the morning. It had rained the night before, though. Davao International Airport is fully decorated for Christmas too. Some or all of you might be asking yourselves, "Why is he back … Continue reading Finally in Davao

The beauty of flying

I just want to share a few blissful minutes with you. I don't fly very often, but when I do I enjoy every moment. As the airplane was flying over the Philippines southbound, I could register the magnificent sunrise.  Yes, there's some glare in the footage. You can say it was Zack-Snyder inspired. Hehehe 😂 … Continue reading The beauty of flying

Before catching that plane

I still want to share some photos with you. I hope the Internet will be working properly this time. LOL One thing I found amazing is that there are power stations at the airport and the Filipinos simply leave their cell phones charging, and go sit somewhere else. I don't think this would work in … Continue reading Before catching that plane